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Here at BK Engineering Consultancy we specialise in generating high quality business leads that will help your sales grow. You will have received many an e-mail or e-brochure from prospective companies offering to do the same but here in BK Engineering Consultancy, we do things
different. How? Well the difference is that we take a personal approach and have the experience in dealing with engineering decision makers for over 25 years. Having met and spoken to these contacts, we are confident that we can introduce your service to these buyers and the rest is up to you. Our competitive rates make us the ideal choice for growth. Just one order won  would make the process a success.

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The way your business collects information about an individual for marketing purposes is now monitored by the Information Commissioners Office. Having the right systems in place will ensure that you are compliant and will also generate confidence with your new customer that you are protecting their interests by securing personal data which might be, e-mail address, company name, or anything that can lead to the identity of that individual being disclosed to a third party.

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